Our Most Requested Services

Sample Trip Quotes

To give you a ballpark idea, here are some sample quotes for requests we’ve gotten from our customers:

Example #1:

Recently, a high school in Council Bluffs, Iowa reached out to book transportation for their annual sophomore campus tour. With 60 students and 5 chaperones attending, they required a full-size charter bus to shuttle the group between their school, local colleges, and the city’s major landmarks. To accommodate the multi-stop, 8-hour tour, their charter bus rental was priced at $2,890 for the day. This rate covered the driver’s wages, fuel costs, and standard amenities like reclining seats, air conditioning, and a DVD player. The school arranged for students to pay $12 each toward the bus rental, covering the full cost through affordable per-person contributions.

Example #2:

A large corporation in Council Bluffs, Iowa needed transportation for their annual corporate retreat. They requested a fleet of 4 charter buses to shuttle 200 employees from their headquarters to a resort an hour away. With such a large group, the transportation company recommended full-size charter buses to ensure everyone had a comfortable ride. The cost for this multi-day trip was higher than a local event since the buses had to travel over 100 miles roundtrip each day. However, splitting the total cost between 200 people made it an affordable $175 per person for the entire weekend. The company paid a bit more for the convenience and reliability of private coaches rather than having employees drive separately or take public transportation.

Example #3:

A high school softball team from Council Bluffs, Iowa recently booked a charter bus rental for their state tournament in Des Moines. With 18 players, 3 coaches, and a significant amount of equipment to transport, the team opted for a full-size charter bus with a capacity of 56 passengers. The bus rental company charged a daily rate of $3,200 for the two-day tournament, plus an additional $75 per hour for any time exceeding 10 hours each day. The team also had to cover the team’s hotel stay, which cost $150 per night, as well as a recommended 15% gratuity for the team’s excellent service. In total, the charter bus rental for the softball team’s state tournament amounted to approximately $6,700, ensuring comfortable group transportation for the entire team and coaching staff.

Example #4:

A school group in Council Bluffs, Iowa recently booked a charter bus for their 8th grade class field trip to the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha, Nebraska. With 150 students, 12 teachers, and 8 chaperones, they required 3 full-sized charter buses with ample storage space for their lunches and backpacks. Since the round-trip distance was only 120 miles, the transportation company charged a daily rate of $2,200 per bus, totaling $6,600 for the day trip. The school also paid for the drivers’ hotel stays the night before at $150 per room and a customary 15% gratuity of $540 to thank the drivers for their service.

Example #5:

A bride in Council Bluffs, Iowa called to book transportation for her wedding party. With 10 bridesmaids and 8 groomsmen, she needed a shuttle to transport the entire wedding party from their hotel to the church and reception venue. She opted for a 30-passenger minibus rental to accommodate everyone comfortably. The minibus would pick up the bridal party at their hotel at 2pm and transport them to the church for a 4pm ceremony. After the ceremony, the minibus would take the wedding party to the reception venue for photos and the reception until 11pm. Since the wedding transportation spanned 9 hours, the bride was quoted $3,750 for the minibus rental, which included the team’s gratuity. To keep costs down, the bride booked her wedding transportation 6 months in advance during the off-season.

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